Apply to Be a Featured Service Opportunity



To be considered eligible for inclusion on the Gators Volunteer website, community organizations must be an approved agency of the UF Campaign for Charities agencies or apply here. 

Only completed applications with all required documentation will be considered.  

All organizations not approved for the most recent UF Campaign for Charities must apply every year to be eligible to be included in list of Gators Volunteer service sites. 



Below is the application form for use in applying for eligibility to be included in the 2021 list of Gators Volunteer sites.  The use of this form is mandatory for all applications for the Gators Volunteer site list.  It is suggested that any additional information that may be pertinent to the questions asked be attached as supplementary documentation, if necessary.  All questions must be answered and all required supporting documentation included to be considered for eligibility.  

Upon request of an organization wishing to participate, the committee will provide a copy of these procedures and an application form.  All application materials and proceedings are subject to the Florida Public Records and Sunshine Laws.  

All applications will be reviewed. Organizations may expect to be notified of the decision of the committee on their participation.   

Each organization selected will be listed in the alphabetical list of agencies and under the appropriate category. 



Approval to participate in the program may be revoked at any time in the event it is determined that the organization, the volunteer site or the volunteer services are not appropriate for the program or that the organization provided false or misleading information in support of its application for eligibility into the program or pursuant to any subsequent request by the university. 





Additional Documentation 

To be eligible for inclusion in the 2021 University of Florida Gators Volunteer site, applications must be complete with all required documentation submitted.  

  • State of Florida Division of Corporations Registration  
  • IRS Tax Exempt ruling letter  
  • Florida Department of Revenue tax exempt document  
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs document showing registration # OR document supporting exemption under Chapter 496, Florida Statutes  
  • IRS Form 990 OR IRS Form 990EZ plus pages 9 and 10 of IRS Form 990  
  • Organization budget for current fiscal year (FY 2019-2020)  
  • Roster of Board of Directors  
  • Documentation of expenditures, programs, and number of people served in region  
  • Quantitative data on the number of people served in the region. 
  • Written policy of non-discrimination and affirmation action.