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As Gators, we are driven by relentless optimism to use our talent, energy and passion to make a positive impact in the world for the betterment of tomorrow. 
It starts in our own backyards, supporting our communities through volunteering.  
Gators Volunteer serves as a digital hub for all UF students, faculty and staff to find a cause that needs your time and effort. You can discover new service opportunities and contribute to causes that matter to you. It also serves as a digital bridge to organizations in need of support and awareness. 

We encourage our faculty, staff and students to make volunteering a regular part of their life by reaching out and lending a helping hand through various community service projectand on-going volunteerism. 

Making an Impact in the Community

After six years of mentorship, I continue to learn from my mentee every time we meet. Volunteering with Take Stock in Children and investing in someone else has only made me a better person. 

- Reginald Lane, UF Staff 

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Celebrate Your Impact